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“Is Your Baby Ugly” by Tim Ash

Last week, I attended Tim Ash’s webinar – “Is Your Baby Ugly” – Advice on Landing Page. What I like about Tim’s webinar is that he went to the basic root of landing page, suggesting us to keep our landing page simple and clear.

Here are 7 Sins of Landing Page:

1)  Unclear Call to Action
2)  Too many Choices – Landing page visitors are often given too many choices to make decision. His solution is to group them your choices to make it easier to streamline the decision making process.
3)  Asking for too much information – His solution is to collect info later in the process, uncluttered your form, don’t overwhelm them.
4)  Too Much Text – When visitor only spend a few second on the landing page, they wont have time read words by words. Since visitors usually scan landing page, less is more on the web, don’t try to tell complete story, just straight to the point
5)  Not Keeping Your Promise (Page Title not match with Content, No Access to Information you promised) – If you visitors start to think it is spam, then your landing page is a failure.
6)  Visual Distraction – Visual assault, annoying graphics, no hierarchy of visual information – His solution is tone things down, don’t use images that is seen everywhere, stay unique.
7)  Lack of Trust? – If you are not Google, Sony, Microsoft or other name brands, you probably are not trusted. Hi solution is display verified BBB, Policy and Term, Logo, etc.

Other things to remember:
1) Someone will form first impression about your landing page within the first 1/20th second.
2) The purpose of homepage is to get people off the home page and move to other pages on the website– to get people closer to relevant information.


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