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Live Agent with Intelligence to Drive User Acquisitions and Conversions

Just came back from Web Analytics Wednesday in Santa Monica. Thanks RPA and Anjan Haalder for your effort hosting such a great event. I got the chance to exchange ideas with web analytics professionals from Disney, Toyota, Yamaha, etc.

TouchCommerce-Live Agent-InTouch Sales

Live Agent with Intelligence

The highlight of the event was the presentation from Touch Commerce. The InTouch(tm) Interaction Optimization Solution (InTouch Sales) combines the best-in-class chat/interaction technology platform, real-time analytics and expert sales agents with just the right touch to make online conversion efforts more effective and drive up the value of each sale. Nothing like the conventional pop-up live chat module out there, InTouch live agent is designed with intelligence and only shows up when website users behavior shows sign of confusion or lost. As an web analytics professional with user acquisition experience, I assure that it definitely helps increase user acquisition and conversion instead of driving them away. In addition, the program is pay-per-performance and only those with great confidence about the product can make such an offer!

Although Eric Peterson could not make it to the event due to some emergencies, I want to thank him for starting the Web Analytics Wednesday event and the Analysis Exchange! As a mentor of the Analysis Exchange, I enjoy the hands on, real world analytics experience with the non-profit organizations and the student. For those whose analytics skills are limited by their current job, the Analysis Exchange is the best way to diversify your experience at no cost!


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