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How is your PPC Ad Campaign doing?

Many businesses are spending thousands of dollars every month, placing PPC ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Some of these businesses have great return-on-investment (ROI), some have decent, some even not sure what their return is (No surprise! No kidding!).

For those who have decent or less than decent ROI on PPC Ad Campaigns, below are some basic KPIs and metrics we can used to find out if our PPC ads are performing well.

1)      How do I know if I am bidding on the right keywords?

Before you know if your keywords are bringing revenue (or non-revenue-based conversions), you have to find out how much traffics estimated for the keyword. I am not going to show you step-by-step guide on getting your keywords. Instead, I will highlight the most common missing keyword strategies for their SEM campaigns. What?

  • Make sure you select the right match type for your keywords. I usually use broad match for branded or unique keywords,  exact match for highly targeted keywords  and phrase match for everything else. You can do your own testing by applying all three match types and perform assessment based on the performance of each match type.
  • Make sure you use negative keywords on broad match to filter unrelated search queries to trigger your PPC ads. For example, if your brand is called “Angeles”, it is a must to include “Los Angeles” in your negative keywords unless you have too much budget for PPC campaign.
  • Maintain good quality scores (QS) of your keywords because a good QS will reduce CPC and improve ad position. One thing to bear in mind is, don’t stress over the quality score of new keywords usually don’t have great quality score because they lack of historical CTR and other factors.

2)      How do I know if my PPC Ads are relevant to my keywords?

Check your CTR (Click-through Rate). By looking at the CTR of your ad, you know what percentage of impressions drove clicks. If the CTR of your PPC Ads are under 4%, you will need to put more focus on your ad copies. How?

  • Make sure you have two or more Ads running for keywords with high search volume.
  • Make sure you compare your PPC Ads with your competitors ads. You can use keywordspy to s ee active ads running on search engines. Then, flex your creativity to come up with different messaging. Try to come up withmore variation so you stand out from the competition.
  • Make sure most of your ads contains keywords you are bidding on, or their related terms. 

3)      How do I know if my PPC ads are relevant to my landing pages?

Check landing page Bounce Rate. By looking at the bounce rate of your landing pages, you know what percentage of paid traffics were bounced off your site without going to another page. If you have landing pages with bounce rate of 40% or higher on paid traffic, you should seriously check if your landing page is properly developed. How?

  • Make sure you keep what you promise from ad copies to landing page. If you promise “free iPhone 4” on your PPC ad but the landing page has no “free iPhone 4” offering, most likely visitors will leave your site right away!
  • Make sure your Call-to-Action is simple and Clear. Try not to give visitors too much choices. Instead, reduce the noise on page and give your visitors a wonderful web experience.
  • Click for more landing page tips.


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