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Google+ Vs. Facebook

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Google Plus and Facebook

I have been a facebook user for years. Although Facebook is NOT the the first social networking site (Friendster and MySpace were), its social sharing features are truly amazing! Facebooking has become a daily activity to me, equivalent to brushing my teeth and taking shower everyday.

I log on to facebook at least twice a day, via mobile phone and laptop. Not sure if you notice, Facebook profile has become the ultimate “Stay-in-Touch Point” for new friends and acquaintances, slowly replacing email, MSN, and perhaps phone numbers because you can add a new friend within seconds, via your smart phone!

However, compared to Google+, Facebook still has its shortcomings:

1) Although Facebook allows me to segment my friends by creating Lists in a few steps, Google+ provides a more user-friendly interface – adding Google Circle to Stream takes only two steps. Also, adding people to circles is flash-like fast!

2) Ever since Facebook boosted its Advertising platform, I see at least 4 to 5 ads on every pages. These ads definitely create distractions to me. Remember what MySpace look like??  🙂

3) From the product portfolio standpoint, facebook is hundreds of years behind Google, who has a much bigger footprint (even compared to Apple!). Google has a library of products, just to name a few: Google Picasa (Photo), Doc, Contact, Map, Talk, Places, Group, Offers, Blog, Youtube, etc. The universe of Google allow its users to share every bit of life through Google+ easily because everything is under ONE single platform.

Although Google has huge potential to go head-to-head with Facebook in social network, it will take a few years to happen because Facebook still have 750 million active users from all over the world.  If Google start growing Google+ users base aggressively and integrating social sharing across different Google products, it’s impact can be unpredictable!

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